Does Home Insurance Cover Pest Control?

Posted on January 26, 2024


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Termites, rodents, and other pests are a constant source of aggravation for homeowners across Louisiana. These unwanted creatures invade homes, spread disease and damage wherever they go, and often lead to both sleepless nights and costly removal and repair services.

What’s even more frustrating is that when pests cause damage to your home and property, it’s unlikely that your insurance policy will cover your expenses. However, your case may be more complicated than it seems. That’s why it’s important to get help from an experienced homeowners insurance lawyer serving New Orleans to be sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

At Insurance Claim HQ, we know the tricks insurance companies use to deny legitimate claims. We’re here to help you navigate the frustrating and complex pest damage claim process so you can focus on repairing any damages and defending your home and family.

In this post, we will cover how your insurance company can deny your claim and when you may be entitled to compensation for pest-related damage.

Why Homeowners Insurance Rarely Covers Pest Control

Most home insurance policies pin the blame of pest infestations onto the policyholder. According to your insurance company, it is your responsibility to perform regular maintenance that prevents pest infestations before they happen.

Even if you and your loved ones were unaware of the pest infestation, and even if you suffer serious property damage as a result, your insurance agency will still likely blame it on homeowner negligence and deny your claim

One important way you can protect yourself is by keeping records of regular maintenance, such as an annual home inspection by a trained and licensed exterminator. Doing so can demonstrate that you took your maintenance responsibilities seriously and greatly improve the chances that your claim will ultimately be approved.

Examples of Non-Covered Pest Damage

The likelihood that your homeowners insurance will cover pest damage often depends on the nature of the damage itself. It is important to be aware of what may or may not be covered before starting the claim process. If you are unsure if your property damage would be considered preventable, call an experienced property insurance lawyer for help.

Below are some examples of pest damage that are generally not be covered under an insurance policy:

Termite damage

Because termites cause such widespread destruction once they settle into a wooden structure, your home becomes vulnerable to a variety of chewing damage.

Termites consume wood instead of simply burrowing through it, so over time, the affected wood around your home grows weaker, including:

  • Wooden joists
  • Drywall
  • Support beams
  • Wooden floors
  • Decks and porches

This type of damage may lead to failure and collapse of these structures. Maintaining pest control measures and finishing wood with a resistant stain or paint may prevent termite infestations.

Does Home Insurance Cover Termites?

Generally, as the homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your property to prevent a termite infestation or call a pest control company to remove termites once you discover you have a problem.

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover certain circumstances related to termites and the damage they cause. For example, if a burst indoor water pipe causes an area of moisture that attracts termites, your insurance provider may cover the cost of the resulting water and insect damage. Other instances include possible coverage for a house fire sparked by chewing termites once they invade the interior of your home’s walls.

If you suspect that termites are damaging your home’s wooden structures and find evidence of their presence, such as pinholes and discolored drywall, reach out to a reputable pest control company for assistance and your insurance agent for specific information regarding termite damage and to discuss your coverage options.

Rodent damage

Although your insurance policy may cover unexpected damage caused by rodents, like to electrical wiring outside, they likely won’t cover pest control. Unfortunately, most policies do not cover removal of rodents from the home either, even if you notice droppings or gnaw marks. Rodents can carry disease and contaminate food, so it is important to get them removed as quickly and safely as possible.

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When Pest Damage is Covered: Preventable vs Unexpected Damage

Insurance will usually only cover pest damage outside of your control, also known as unexpected damage. For example, this might include damage caused by pests that were able to enter your home due to storm damage or other unforeseen events. However, if these events combine with preventable pest damage, then it could lead to a complicated claim process.

To determine whether or not your homeowners insurance will cover your pest damage, your insurance adjuster will attempt to determine if you could have prevented the damage through routine maintenance. When you file a claim, you will have to answer a series of insurance questions to decide if your damage is covered.

Secondary Damage from Pest Infestations

Even though many home insurance policies may not cover pest damage directly, secondary damage caused by pests may still be covered.

For example, you probably won’t be able to get compensation to replace insulation that’s been destroyed by a rodent infestation. However, if a rodent chews a wire while ultimately results in an electrical fire, your insurance policy might still cover the damage caused by the fire.

However, even if your insurance company does determine that the damage occurred outside of your control, they will likely only pay for the unexpected damage, but not pest control services.

Insurance Claim HQ Helps Claimants Navigate the Home Insurance Pest Control Claim Process

Pest control home insurance claims can be complex and frustrating even in the best of circumstances, which makes the help of an experienced property insurance attorney that much more valuable.

At Insurance Claim HQ, we know how upsetting an infestation can be to you and your loved ones. That’s why we fight back against your insurance company when they try to wrongfully deny your claim. We take care of the hard work so you can focus on returning to normal.

If you or a loved one are dealing with an animal infestation and are unsure if your homeowners insurance policy will cover the damages, call Insurance Claim HQ for help. We are ready to take your call 24/7, so contact us today for your free consultation or call us directly.

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