What to Do If Your Insurance Company Ignores You

Posted on September 3, 2021


Hayden Haskins | author

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In Louisiana, your insurance company has deadlines for responding to your claims.  These deadlines are usually either 30 or 60 days.  If you have not heard by then, your insurer may be ignoring your claim.  So, what should you do if it seems like your company is ignoring you?

Is Your Adjuster or Investigator Not Responding?

At least initially, it would be best to remain polite and friendly in your contacts with the company.  After all, there may be legitimate reasons for the problems.  However, if you keep getting out of office messages or unreturned emails, then the adjuster may be mishandling – or not handling – your claim.

Follow up with the adjuster.  Keep leaving friendly emails asking why you haven’t heard anything.  Sometimes the reminder will get things back on track.  If you’re still getting nowhere, try calling the general claims department at your insurance company.  They can help you contact your adjuster – or tell you he or she is no longer with the company or on the case.  If you still don’t get any response, contact the adjuster’s manager.  If you still get no help, it’s time to consider contacting a lawyer or the Department of Insurance, or both.

Document Everything You’ve Done

If you think your adjuster isn’t handling your claim correctly, make sure that you have documents reflecting everything you’ve done to file your claim.  You’ll want to have the claim and any supporting documents that went with the claim.  You’ll also want to have complete records of all your attempts to work with the company to get the claim processed.  Make sure that you keep copies of all correspondence and make notes of all phone conversations and emails.

If All Else Fails, Contact a Bad Faith Claims Insurance Attorney Today

If all of your efforts fail, then it’s time to contact an experienced and knowledgeable bad faith insurance claim attorney.  These lawyers are used to working with insurance companies who may be reluctant to pay or dragging their feet with your claims. Contact a Louisiana insurance claims lawyer for a free initial consultation today.


1. Are there deadlines for responding to my insurance claims?

Yes. Usually, your insurer must make an initial response within 30 to 60 days.

2. Can I file a complaint about being ignored?

Yes, the Department of Insurance has a place for filing a complaint on its website.

3. Will an attorney charge me to discuss my case?

Generally, a bad faith insurance attorney will provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case.