Bad Faith Settlement Offers – What Should You Do

Posted on September 3, 2021


Hayden Haskins | author

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Louisiana law requires that insurance companies deal with their clients in good faith.  This legal requirement means, among other things, that settlement offers should be reasonable and represent a good faith attempt to settle a claim.

What Is a Bad Faith Offer

The primary example of a bad faith offer is one that is for an amount substantially less than the claimed loss.  It can also include an unreasonable denial of policy benefits and a misrepresentation of the policy terms.  Often a lowball offer will be accompanied by high-pressure techniques to encourage you to settle quickly without an adequate opportunity to consider the offer. In these situations, the insurance company may indicate that no better offer will follow.

Other Bad Faith Settlement Tactics

Other conduct by your insurance company may also constitute a bad faith settlement attempt.  Some of these kinds of behavior include:

  • Attempt to settle based on policy changes that insured was never informed of
  • Making burdensome document demands
  • Denial without full investigation or any investigation
  • Failure to explain a denial
  • Alteration of records of the claim
  • Failure to respond to requests or inquiries

Insurance company lawyers are not your friends.  They work for the company, not for you, and their job is to make your settlement as small as they can.  Insurance companies do not make profits by paying claims.

Contact a Bad Faith Insurance Claim Lawyer As Soon As Possible

An insurer acting in bad faith in settling your claim may even urge you to contact a lawyer.  That is one piece of advice that you should follow in this situation.  An experienced bad faith claim attorney will know how to evaluate your case and work with the insurance company to improve the process.  And, if the attorney can’t get the company to act in good faith, he or she will be able to evaluate your case and, if appropriate, begin litigation to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.  Contact a bad faith insurance claim law firm today for a free initial evaluation of your case.