How to Hold It Down in the Wake of a Windstorm

Wind is a duplicitous enemy in that it brews in both dry, dusty, tornado-breeding climates, as well as damp, balmy …

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real estate appraisal

Disinterested, or Interested in your Insurer? How to Stand your Ground During the Appraisal Process

It may sound like a bad thing if a key player in your insurance claim is disinterested. Understandably, you may …

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Insurance Claims

Independent Adjusters & the Myth of Impartiality

Because insurance isn’t complicated enough already, when it comes to adjusters, there are a number of kinds operating under a …

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Property Casualty Claims

Engineers: Supporting the Structure of your Property Casualty Claim

The scope of property casualty claims truly runs the gambit. From contents claims after a burglary to hopes for policy …

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FEMA logo

Who is at Risk? The Shortcomings of FEMA’s Flood Maps

Who is at risk of becoming a flood victim? Chances are, the answer is not necessarily mapped out by the …

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homeowners claim

Predatory Vendors: Don’t Get Finessed

While your insurance company is often pegged as the bad guy when your homeowners claim starts going awry, there is …

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burst pipe

Burst Pipes: Responding to the Sudden Crisis of Non-Weather Related Water Damage

While a hurricane may provide fair warning, a burst pipe can cause sudden water damage to your home. Within minutes, …

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homeowners claim

When Insurance Claims Meet Extenuating Circumstances: Moving, Sale, & Foreclosure

Homeowners and flood claims are never easy processes to navigate, particularly alone. Matters can only become more complicated when your …

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home insurance

The Puzzle of Exclusions: Am I Covered?

Being excluded is always unsettling, but it’s even worse when it pertains to a situation that you expected to be …

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Home Insurance Claim Form

Better Late Than Never? Navigating Damage Uncovered Long after an Incident

 Download Our FREE Ebook: Overcoming Disaster: Tips and Pointers  After a storm, damage is oftentimes spotted right away. It is …

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