Examination Under Oath (EUO) – 5 Things You Need to Know

Examinations Under Oath are ways for insurance companies to deny your claim. There, I said it. I realize that may …

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Seeking Help after Serious Tornado Damage

Seeking Help after Serious Tornado Damage

While many people in and around New Orleans and other coastal cities are concerned about hurricanes, we are right in …

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Homeowner Insurance Claims

Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

Even though you pay property insurance premiums, it is always preferable to never have to file a claim. However, if …

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property damage during mardi gras

Protect Your Property During Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras festivities already ramping up in New Orleans and the big day happening on March 5th, people in …

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Wildlife Damage Louisiana

Extreme Makeover: Wildlife Home Invasion Edition

There’s nothing more unsettling than knowing that an unwelcome visitor is in your home. If there was, horror movies wouldn’t …

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Gulf Coast Climate Change

Climate Change is Affecting the Gulf Coast. How Can you Prepare?

While the Gulf Coast has no shortage of reasons why it is a fantastic place to call home, it is …

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Recoverable Depreciation

Recoverable Depreciation & Contents: The Theory Behind It All

If you have ever attempted to sell an item on sites like Craigslist or Depop, you know that buyers tend …

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house fire

The Fire Was My Fault. Should I Still Make a Claim?

Despite heeding warnings of old wives’ tales of burning down an entire town with a cigarette butt or casually combusting …

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Scope Disputes: How to Keep your Appraisal Moving

While the extent of your homeowners coverage can dominate the way you view your insurance claim, the extent of damage …

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home appraisal

Demand for Appraisal: Too Much Too Late?

Whenever a matter involves two parties and a lot of money, disputes are inevitable. When it comes to insurance claims, …

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