Protecting the Home, or Just the House? Coverage for Internal Contents, External Structures, and More

It takes a lot to turn a house into a home. Purchasing the structure is just the beginning. Over time, …

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Flood Insurance

Flash Flooding: A Nuisance to Festivals and a Menace to your Home

A good festival can be the highlight of the warm weather seasons, but it still doesn’t come without challenges. Whether …

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Recoverable Depreciation, Roofing

Recoverable Depreciation & Roofing: When your Insurer Gives you the Runaround

Your roof really bears the brunt of it all. Whether it be a tornado or hail, many natural disasters make …

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what to do when disaster hits

What To Do When Disaster Hits

After a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster has affected your life, the road to recovery starts almost immediately. …

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pixabay Fire blog

Insurance Bad Faith & Property Damage Claims

 Insurance Bad Faith & Property Damage Claims Laws are constantly evolving, so at Insurance Claim HQ we make it a …

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wind damage blog

Insurance Won’t Cover Wind Damage—Now What?

Many people buy homeowner’s insurance as a precaution in case the worst occurs. Depending on the location of the home, …

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new orleans car accident

What Is My Insurance Company Obligated To Do After A Car Accident?

Every insurance policy is a bit different, but there are certain expectations every insurer must meet after an accident. In …

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flooding blog

Is Flood Damage Covered by Insurance?

Property Damage Floods can happen anywhere, from the West Coast to the Eastern seaboard. You don’t have to be located …

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