When Insurance Claims Meet Extenuating Circumstances: Moving, Sale, & Foreclosure

Homeowners and flood claims are never easy processes to navigate, particularly alone. Matters can only become more complicated when your …

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home insurance

The Puzzle of Exclusions: Am I Covered?

Being excluded is always unsettling, but it’s even worse when it pertains to a situation that you expected to be …

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Home Insurance Claim Form

Better Late Than Never? Navigating Damage Uncovered Long after an Incident

 Download Our FREE Ebook: Overcoming Disaster: Tips and Pointers  After a storm, damage is oftentimes spotted right away. It is …

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Home Inspection

What to Expect at an Inspection

While there is a lot of abstract talk about home inspections in the world of insurance claims, clients are oftentimes …

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Where’s the Receipt? The Importance of Documenting Your Claim

While receipts are becoming more and more obsolete, there are still some scenarios where a pesky piece of paper can …

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Catch and Release: Your Mortgage Company’s Role in Your Insurance Check

In property casualty law, there is a lot of talk of getting your insurance check not only awarded, but awarded …

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Property Casualty Deadlines

Deadlines for Property Casualty: Is Yours Approaching?

Timing is everything, particularly when it comes to your property casualty claim. It’s easy to lose sight of deadlines when …

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How much home owners insurance is enough

Homeowners Insurance: How Much is Enough?

Shopping for homeowners insurance is a sign of being a responsible homeowner, but all too often, households end up purchasing …

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Recovering from Tornado

There’s No Place Like Home: Recovering after a Tornado’s Path of Destruction

Chances are, if you have encountered a property loss due to a natural disaster, you can vouch for the fact …

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Lightning Claims

Lightning Claims: How to Avoid Being Struck Twice

While being struck by lightning has become a metaphor for unlikelihood, rarity hardly equates to myth. Lightning can accompany common …

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