Disaster Relief Scholarship

Disaster Relief Scholarship

At Insurance Claim HQ, we are not only committed to representing disaster victims. We are also committed to the betterment of our community. After all, we live, work, worship, and play here, just like you do. We have dedicated our practice to fighting for the rights of policyholders when they experience a loss due to fire, flood, hurricane, or from the insurance company not keeping their word.

About the Disaster Relief Scholarship Program

Many students have personally experienced some of the issues discussed below. This initiative is geared toward the students who have experienced a natural disaster or insurance dispute themselves or through a loved one. We welcome their insight and are delighted to furnish a forum for these individuals to express their experiences. No one can prevent unexpected disasters, but you can receive financial assistance through the Disaster Relief Scholarship Program to support your higher education expenses. The Disaster Relief Scholarship is worth $10,000 and we strongly believe it will go a long way to help people.

Contest Rules

Students who have experience with a disaster or insurance dispute and are currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university, or have been accepted at such an institution, are welcome to submit relevant essays of between 500 and 1,000 words. Your submission must be attached as a PDF document to your emailed submission. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2022. Applicants agree that Insurance Claim HQ may use their submissions and names for marketing purposes. Please submit your completed essays to press@insuranceclaimhq.com. We wish all students the best of luck in their higher education endeavors and future careers!

Topic Guidelines

Essay Topic:

Should there be national reform of natural disaster insurers? Support your argument using a common issue below.

Essay Deadline:

The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2022.

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Scholarship Amount:


Common Issues:

When policyholders have disputes with their insurers, the insurance companies have a considerable advantage. Since the company’s lawyers wrote the policies they sell, they always contain loopholes that favor insurers and hurt policyholders. Some common issues include:

  • Flood Damage: Most insurance policies address flood losses in very narrow terms. For example, these policies usually exclude natural flood damage. So, insurance adjusters frequently conclude that flood damage was natural if there was heavy rain in the area, even if the evidence indicates otherwise.
  • Fire Damage: The collateral effects of a fire, mostly smoke and water, often cause more damage than the flames themselves. Once again, narrowly interpreted policy clauses often exclude such damage claims.
  • Storm Damage: Insurance companies notoriously look for the cheapest available fix. For example, adjusters often only approve roof patch jobs after a severe hailstorm when a new roof would be a much better solution.

Many insurance companies use events that affect hundreds or thousands of policyholders as an excuse to delay their investigations. The law does not allow this. Insurance companies must always live up to their legal and financial responsibilities.

When affected businesses filed interruption claims, insurance companies almost universally denied them. Depending on one’s perspective, these denials either kept insurance companies financially afloat during a difficult time or made the economic catastrophe even worse for small businesses.

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