When Is Peak Hail Season in Louisiana?

Posted on March 10, 2023


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While not talked about as much as the four annual seasons, hail season is a concern in many parts of Louisiana.

While most hail reports occur in northern Louisiana, homeowners from nearly all parishes in Louisiana have been and can be impacted by hail storms, risking significant property damage.

A hail storm can significantly damage the roof and other parts of the home, and filing a homeowners insurance claim may be required to get the funds to complete the necessary repairs. If you need assistance getting complete compensation for a hail damage claim, contact our attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ.

Peak Hail Season in Louisiana?

While the frequency of hail reports will vary based on what parish a homeowner lives in, both Northern and Southern Louisiana tend to have the greatest number of hail reports from March until June each year. Additional hail showers occur up until August.

However, hail storms can occur at any time during a thunderstorm. This means that homeowners must be vigilant year-round to prevent damage to their property.

How does hail form?

Hail forms when water droplets within a storm are pushed via an updraft into the colder levels of the atmosphere. Those water droplets then freeze in the extremely cold hail growth zone, forming a hailstone.

At this point, the hailstone will come into contact with more water droplets that will freeze to the surface of the hailstone. Eventually, the hailstone will grow in size to the point that it is heavy enough to fall as precipitation.

When enough hailstones fall during a set period of time, this is the natural phenomenon that we call a hail storm.

How to Prepare for Hail Season

Homeowners can act throughout the year to prevent more significant damage from occurring during peak hail season. Some useful tips include:

  • Repair and replace roofs that have prior damage
  • Install protective covers over at-risk areas including, but not limited to, AC equipment; heating equipment; and exposed glass windows
  • Maintain surrounding landscaping

Careful and continued maintenance of the home proves to be a significant method of preventing catastrophic damage during peak hail season.

After Peak Hail Season

The unfortunate truth is that even with the most diligent of care and maintenance, hail can still cause damage to your home. This is where insurance companies can be both a saving grace and a hassle.

Assuming that the insurance company is acting under good faith practices, the insurance claim process can be a relief for many homeowners to know that their home will get the repairs it needs. However, if the insurance company is unwilling to process a valid hail-related claim, it can become an additional stressor to you as a homeowner and your loved ones.

The most important thing to remember as a responsible homeowner is that you have rights, and an experienced homeowners insurance attorney is able to help you navigate those rights.

Contact an Experienced New Orleans Homeowners Insurance Attorney Today

Our driven team at Insurance Claim HQ is experienced in dealing with homeowners insurance claims related to hail damage. We work hard to make sure that you and your family get the help that you need to move past hail season.

To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

FAQs About Hail Damage

Does my homeowners insurance cover hail damage?

In most cases your homeowners insurance should cover hail related damages. Reading the terms of your policy can help to clarify what obligations you as the homeowner and your insurance company have.

Can a homeowners insurance attorney help if my insurance company is delaying the processing of my claim?

Yes, experienced homeowners insurance attorneys are able to act on the behalf of their clients who have filed an insurance claim to help make sure that the process is being completed in a timely and accurate manner.