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Posted on June 14, 2021


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Since 1980, college tuition costs have almost tripled. Yet, in many cases, today’s students receive the same college education as students received back then. That’s because, in many cases, the increase has nothing to do with educational quality. For example, some states raise tuition costs to offset expenses in other areas, such as pension costs. Then, private institutions in the state raise their tuition rates accordingly.

Insurance company wealth has not increased as much, but it has gone up significantly. In 2019, American insurers collected over $1.3 trillion in premiums. Most people think the reciprocity principle applies in these cases. If they faithfully pay premiums, they expect the insurance company to pay valid claims. But that’s not the way things work. Insurance companies usually only pay claims if their backs are against the wall and they have no other choice.

The Disaster Relief Scholarship Program, exclusively sponsored by Insurance Claim HQ, addresses needs in both these areas. This scholarship program also gives students a forum to share their views about insurance companies which do not always treat their policyholders like a good neighbor.

Disaster Relief Scholarship General Guidelines

A natural or man-made disaster could strike any American home or business at any time. Some examples include:

  • Business Interruption: When COVID-19 hit, many businesses, especially restaurants, were forced to close or restrict operations to practically nothing. Typically, business interruption policies apply to such losses. But insurance companies almost universally refused to honor such claims.
  • Weather Damage: Violent storms are an everyday occurrence in the United States. Even the most well-built home or business cannot withstand high winds, pelting hail, and other such events. Weather damage occurs slowly over time. In both situations, adjusters routinely accuse policyholders of exaggerating or fabricating claims.
  • Property Damage: Vandalism, theft, arson, and other malicious or negligent acts could destroy a lifetime’s worth of work and memories in an instant. Instead of making things better, it often seems that insurance companies go out of their way to make things worse in these situations.

When disaster strikes, policyholders expect the insurance company to pay the total value of the claim promptly. Indeed, the company is legally obliged to do all three things.
If your family or business went through a negative experience with an insurance company, if you are concerned about these issues or a good writer and need money for college, the Disaster Relief Scholarship Program is for you. We want to hear your story. More importantly, we want you to tell it in your own words.

Specific Details

The topic for this year’s essay is, Should There Be National Reform of Natural Disaster Insurers?

Essays between 500 and 1,000 words must be submitted by June 1, 2022. All entries become the property of Insurance Claim Headquarters and may be used for marketing or other purposes. Your entry must be attached as a PDF document to your emailed submission.

Disaster Relief Scholarship Amount

No one can prevent unexpected disasters, but you can receive financial assistance through the Disaster Relief Scholarship Program to support your higher education expenses. The Disaster Relief Scholarship is worth $10,000, and we firmly believe it will go a long way to help people.

About Insurance Claim HQ

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At Insurance Claim HQ, we are not only committed to representing disaster victims. We are also committed to the betterment of our community. After all, we live, work, worship, and play here, just like you do. We have dedicated our practice to fighting for the rights of policyholders when they experience a loss due to fire, flood, hurricane, or from the insurance company not keeping their word.

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