Protect Your Property During Mardi Gras

Posted on February 18, 2019


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With Mardi Gras festivities already ramping up in New Orleans and the big day happening on March 5th, people in and around the city are decorating their homes, making plans with family and friends, and otherwise gearing up for the celebration. However, if you own property in New Orleans, you should prepare for Mardi Gras in other ways, as well.

While everyone wants to have a festive and fun time during this time of year, the reality is that crime can spike during Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, poor judgment by (often intoxicated) revelers can result in damage to your home, business, or vehicle. As Mardi Gras approaches, know how to protect your property and what to do in the event of property damage.

While many of these steps may seem like common sense, you would be surprised how many people leave their property vulnerable to burglary or vandalism. Consider the following this Mardi Gras season:

Steps to Take . . .

● Always keep your home or business doors and windows locked when you aren’t there. You may want to keep the doors locked when you are home, as well.
● Leave lights on or other signs that someone might be at home every time you leave.
● Put away valuable items and keep your blinds closed so that passersby cannot see your television or other expensive electronics or appliances.
● Alert your neighbors when you are leaving, and any neighbors who are home should team up to keep an eye out in the neighborhood.
● Always lock your car and never leave anything out in plain sight in your vehicle.

In the event you suffer a burglary or property damage during Mardi Gras – or any other time – you should discuss your claim first with an experienced property casualty insurance attorney.

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