Property Casualty from an Attorney’s Perspective with Trent Moss - Episode 42

Property Casualty from an Attorney’s Perspective with Trent Moss – Episode 42

Level Up Claims
September 27, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with lawyer Trent Moss, originally getting into law from medicine, who illustrates his path and shares critical advice from his legal career that surged after Hurricane Isaac. He points out the major issues in the legal industry, such as overburdening with cases, which primarily stem from business concerns rather than legal ones. Encouraging listeners to select their lawyers wisely, Moss shares key skills that make a good legal professional. These skills include understanding policies, efficient communication, gaining expertise in industry conditions, and developing technical understanding.

Who’s the Guest?
Trent J. Moss is an avid litigator who has been fighting for the rights of property owners throughout his career, taking the fight to insurance companies, banks, contractors, and anyone else who infringes on the rights of his clients. Mr. Moss has secured victories for his clients throughout Louisiana and is well known as an aggressive advocate who pushes cases forward and gets the job done.

Mr. Moss has worked tirelessly over the years to defend the rights of Louisiana residents and businesses damaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Isaac, and countless other storms, floods, fires, and myriad other losses. He has even taken on building product manufacturers, mortgage companies, big banks, and other companies that are “too big to fail.”


  • Trent discusses his career transition from studying medicine to law and the reasons behind it.
  • How the legal community dealt with the fallout of large loss cases after Hurricane Isaac.
  • The aspects of his legal career and the traits he needed to work on to become proficient in his field.
  • The importance of understanding a policy for making a clear, precise demand.
  • Unexpected costs post medical procedures.
  • The importance of consulting manufacturers, ensuring warranty and discussing the problems faced by policyholders.
  • What it means to ‘level up’ in relation to client satisfaction and effort.

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