Episode 11

The Role of an Agency in a Business with Mike Brevik – Episode 11

Level Up Claims
February 22, 2023

Episode Description

If you’re a business owner looking to level up your branding strategy, don’t miss out on the latest episode of the Level Up Claims podcast! Branding specialist Mike Brevik shares his insights on creating a consistent and powerful brand that reflects your company’s values and resonates with your target audience. Discover the key elements of successful branding and learn how to attract new customers and build loyalty with your existing ones. Listen in and take the first step towards creating a winning branding strategy for your business! Who’s The Guest? Mike Brevik is a branding specialist and the founder of Cyberdogz, an agency that helps businesses build relationships with their clients and create successful branding strategies.


  • Discover the secrets to creating a consistent and powerful brand that truly resonates with your target audience.
  • Understand why branding is a marathon, not a sprint, and why good branding takes time to build trust and establish a solid foundation.
  • Learn from branding specialist Mike Brevik, who shares his insights on the key elements of successful branding, including consistency, polish, and reputation.
  • Hear about Mike’s journey in the marketing industry, and how he went on to start his own agency, Cyberdogz, to help businesses build stronger relationships with their clients.
  • Find out how you can build brand loyalty, attract new customers, and ultimately drive more revenue for your business through successful branding.
  • Discover the importance of humility and treating all customers with the same level of care, regardless of their size or budget.

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