Episode 10

Public Adjusters with Steven Bush – Episode 10

Level Up Claims
February 15, 2023

Episode Description

Continuing with their previous conversation, Galen talks to Steven Bush about his opinion of public adjusters, and what the future holds for the Bush Law Group. Who’s The Guest? Steven established The Bush Law Group, a group of attorneys that is a first-party property insurance law firm dedicated to serving policyholders in their time of need. Their focus is on providing excellent legal representation, compassion, and understanding.


  • Man of All Trades: Other than being a lawyer, what are the many hats that Steven wears?
  • What are the clear standards and expectations that Steven and his team established and how you can start implementing this in your team too.
  • Why public adjusters are giving the lawyers a bad name
  • The future of the Bush Law Group is: What’s the end game and plans that Steven has in place.
  • For Steven, what does it take to level up?

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