Gratitude with Chris Schembra – Episode 4

Level Up Claims
January 23, 2023

Episode Description

Who’s The Guest?
Chris Schembra is a philosopher, question-asker, facilitator, and “Gratitude Guru.” He spent the last six years traveling around the world, helping people connect in meaningful ways. He is also the founder and the Chief Question Asker of 747, an advisory firm that helps companies create meaningful connections through its 747 Gratitude Experience, an evidence-based framework that helps leaders build a community and strengthen relationships.

Galen talks to Chris Schembra about the 747 org, building meaningful relationships through dinners, and showing gratitude even during the hard times.


  • As a 7x New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who has started and sold businesses for over $25 million, why Chris created 747 and how it helps entrepreneurs
  • The power of thanking someone you don’t give enough credit to.
  • Having everything a person can wish for, what made Chris decide to give everything away?
  • What do meaningful relationships mean and how does it benefit you in the long run?
  • COVID-19 caused businesses and people to shut down, but for Chris’ case, it helped his business grow. How did COVID help him and his business?
  • What led Chris to write his most recent book, Gratitude Through Hard Times
  • What is the difference between ingratitude and gratitude?
  • How to level up for Chris Schembra, and what that means for you.

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