Digital Persuasion with Erin King – Episode 3

Level Up Claims
January 23, 2023

Episode Description

2x Best Selling Author Erin King is also the World’s Leading Digital Persuasion Expert. She hosts the SUCCESS Magazine Podcast “On Your Terms with Erin King.” She helps clients ranging from The Academy Awards to Disney to The United States Navy communicate more compellingly online. Off duty, Erin loves playing outside with her husband Hartman, facetime with her family, and is a doting, over-the-top dog mom to a sassy cavapoo named Betty White.

Galen welcomes Erin King to talk about digital persuasion and how it connects to sales and leadership in business.


  • What digital persuasion is: How it can be used to influence a person or a group and how it is different from traditional marketing
  • Why digital persuasion is more effective than traditional marketing and advertising
  • The Journey: How Erin got started in digital persuasion and started persuading her audience in minutes
  • Erin’s biggest turning point with her company and how it required her to go all in!
  • Handling some of the biggest organizations in the world, how were they approaching social media and how did Erin help them?
  • How big brands stay authentic and how you can too
  • The difference between social selling and social marketing
  • How to Get More YES Media helps salespeople and leaders become better at their jobs.
  • The future of social media, and how Erin King is leading the charge.
  • Discover what the metaverse is and how it can benefit your brand’s presence there.
  • How to level up for Erin King, and what that means for you.

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