Episode 8

The Public Adjusting World with Jack Hanks – Episode 8

Level Up Claims
February 1, 2023

Episode Description

Galen welcomes Jack Hanks to talk about working in a corporation becoming a public adjuster and creating his own business and a successful team. He has implemented a four-step training program to improve public adjusting, as well as a weekly event called “Pinot by the Pool” to help his team build personal connections. Jack also discusses how he uses technology to help streamline the process. Who’s The Guest? Jack Hanks comes to Claims Management with over 30 years of experience in the claims and restoration industry. Throughout Jack’s extensive career, he has been involved with many large-loss commercial projects resulting from catastrophic events such as hurricane Charlie, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne to name a few. Jack’s transition from restoration to public adjusting was a result of his passion for his clients to get properly indemnified by the insurance company.

Jack’s proven track record includes personally handling over 500 claims worth of over 100 million dollars in 2020 alone. Jack is a graduate of Indiana University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He’s certified in the use of Xactimate estimating software and is a Licensed Public Adjuster in 36 states.


  • Meet the Guest: Who is Jack Hanks?
  • How the transition from working in a company to owning his own business as a public adjuster went?
  • Growing a business from a small number of 4 to 21 employees in just 15 months: Investing in teams and vendors to help more people
  • When it comes to hiring, what’s Jack’s criteria to make sure he’s hiring the right people? What is he doing to teach his people to be better?
  • In a world where everyone has training, an event, a podcast, and webinars, what sets Jack apart from others?
  • Building connections and strengthening relationships: How technology helped transform his business
  • What does it mean for Jack to level up?

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