Scaling Your Business with Nathan Hirsch – Episode 9

Level Up Claims
February 8, 2023

Episode Description

Galen welcomes Nathan Hirsch to talk about hiring the right people for the job. He is an expert in hiring and has spoken at industry events about scaling with remote talent. One of the challenges with hiring remote workers is their reliability and accountability, but with Nathan’s proven success and experiences and processes, hiring remote workers is made easy. Who’s The Guest? Nathan Hirsch is the founder of FreeUp, a rapidly growing freelance marketplace catering to eCommerce and marketing businesses. Prior to starting FreeUp in 2015, Nathan sold over $25 million on Amazon. He is an expert in hiring and has been interviewed in over 200 business podcasts. Nate regularly speaks at industry events about scaling with remote talent and is a recognized figure within the industry. His client’s number one problem is poor experiences hiring from other freelance marketplaces and not being able to find reliable talent online. They use other platforms to post jobs only to run into an overwhelming number of applicants that haven’t been vetted leading to high rates of turnover and frustration. He solves this problem for them by pre-vetting all talent before allowing only the top 1% into the network, providing around-the-clock customer support, and only introducing them to 1 qualified candidate at a time. FreeUp’s core mission is to make hiring online simpler for both business owners and freelancers. Simpler for business owners to find, hire, and pay reliable talent online. And simpler for freelancers to find and start working with new clients online. Nathan Hirsch also founded, a monthly bookkeeping service for E-commerce sellers/agencies, and where he teaches his hiring processes.


  • Getting to know Nathan Hirsch, the Expert in Hiring and Scaling with Remote Talent
  • His journey to success: From selling books to baby products on Amazon to building an 8-figure business
  • How he solves business problems with pre-vetting talent with FreeUp
  • Solving the hiring problem with talent and reliability
  • What to implement right now to make the hiring process better
  • Testing the concept before investing in the development
  • Strategies for building strategic partnerships and increasing brand awarenes
  • Benefits of utilizing Amazon and e-commerce for business marketing strategies
  • Importance of reviews for any business
  • The process of figuring out their customer capacity
  • What does it mean for Nathan to level up?
  • How to improve the experience of potential employees

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