Appraisals with Steven Bush – Episode 5

Level Up Claims
January 23, 2023

Episode Description

Galen welcomes Steven Bush to talk about the appraisal process and how to deal with damages and insurance claims. Steven’s insights will help contractors create better workflows and set expectations so you and your team can succeed.

Who’s The Guest?
After a year of defending policyholders as a public adjuster, Steven earned a law degree at the Florida Coastal School of Law. Upon his graduation and acceptance into the Florida Bar Association, Steven assembled a team of attorneys, with each individual having their own distinctive set of experiences and strengths, and established The Bush Law Group.


  • Unpacking the pieces of an appraisal and how to create a positive experience.
  • Dealing with damages: Determining what caused it, what the coverage of your policy is, and what your next course of action should be.
  • The appraisal process: Who are the people and the organizations involved and how does it work?
  • For a person undergoing the claim process, what is Steven’s expert advice to move forward?
  • With Florida dealing with the insurance crisis, how does it affect the surrounding states, and what are these states doing to combat this crisis?

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