Episode 12

Management and Growth Consulting to Contractors and Roofers with Jessica Stahl – Episode 12

Level Up Claims
March 1, 2023

Episode Description

Building a successful business is not just about your brand! If you are a business owner and you’re looking to scale your business, make sure not to skip this episode of the Level Up Claims podcast! Jessica Stahl, the owner of Ignite Results, shares her top secret in developing systems, making connections in the industry, and hiring and recruiting people. Find out how your recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process can lead to the success of your business and how investing in your people can maximize your organization’s growth potential. Listen in and start creating the best strategy for the success of your business! Who’s The Guest? Dr. Jessica Stahl, the owner of Ignite Results, is a management consultant who specializes in scaling home restoration and trades-based companies by developing people and building systems that drive measurable results in retention, productivity, and profit.
  • Learn about Jessica’s story from working in corporate America to specializing in consulting services for scaling home restoration and trade-based companies
  • Discover the secrets of a successful company through investing in your employees
  • Finding out how your recruitment and hiring process can lead to the success of your business
  • Know more about the 90-Day Success Program: Have the correct structure and process of onboarding new employees
  • Find out the secret recipe in succession planning and developing leaders
Episode Resources
  • Connect with Galen M. Hair
  • https://insuranceclaimhq.com
  • hair@hairshunnarah.com
  • www.levelupclaim.com
  • Connect with Jessica Stahl
  • https://www.igniteresults.net/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicastahl1