Client Experience with Joey Coleman – Episode 2

Level Up Claims
January 23, 2023

Episode Description

Joey Coleman is the creator of The First 100 Days – a system that is designed to dramatically increase your customer retention and as a result, your bottom line. Joey is a recognized expert in customer experience design and is an award-winning speaker at both national and international conferences.

Galen interviewed Joey about the vital importance of the client experience to the continued growth and sustainability of the business.


  • Client Spotlight: Who is Joey Coleman?
  • What is his most remarkable aha moment
  • Why should you show your clients that you care
  • His process when writing his book
  • The art and science of why the majority of businesses lose customers in the first year and why the first hundred days are critical to the relationship
  • Why customers leave
  • What’s the biggest challenge for Joey
  • How you can solve the problem of being too busy
  • What most businesses are failing to pay attention to
  • What are the three things that you can do immediately to start to see a difference in customer experience
  • The power of “thank you notes”
  • What it means to level up for Joey

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