The Roofing Sales Success Formula with Adam Bensman – Episode 28

Level Up Claims
June 21, 2023

Episode Description

Galen interviews Adam Bensman who discusses his journey from a massage therapist to a successful roofing sales trainer. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and investing in salespeople’s development. His Roofing Sales Success Formula has greatly enhanced sales performance for roofing companies globally, focusing on setting income goals, providing marketing materials, and promoting authentic sales techniques.


    • Adam discusses how he had to struggle and learn in the early days of his roofing sales career
    • What led him to start coaching and building sales teams
    • Adam’s experience of trying to do what he was passionate about by starting a side business as a combat pistol instructor, only to find it unenjoyable and repetitive
    • Problem-solving and how it’s important to find a career where one can utilize that skill
    • Sales system that replaces the need for in-person training
    • Having a plan built around personal income goals, daily strategies, and providing marketing materials for various scenarios
    • Bottom-up method: Investing in the development of people (sales team) and ensuring their success in order for clients to be well taken care of
    • Viewing leveling up as an inchworm race, with gradual growth rather than skipping steps

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