Revolutionizing The Insurance Claims Process with Tobias Patch - Episode 64

Revolutionizing The Insurance Claims Process with Tobias Patch – Episode 64

Level Up Claims
February 28, 2024

Episode Description

Tobias Patch, an entrepreneur with experience in business and insurance sectors, is interviewed by Galen Hair on the Level Up Claims Podcast. Tobias discusses his journey leading up to the creation of Brelly, an AI-powered platform that aids policyholders and professionals in managing insurance claims. The platform aims to offer efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. A planned feature for Brelly is an AI assistant that can provide contextual support to insurance claims, further improving the efficiency of the platform. This AI assistant is capable of rapidly synthesizing information and identifying discrepancies in claims, leading to quicker resolutions. Emphasizing Brelly’s core values, Tobias indicates the platform’s goal to reduce stress for policyholders and help them return to their normal life as quickly as possible.

Who’s the Guest?
Tobias Patch is an entrepreneur with over a decade of successful leadership experience.  He’s spent years in insurance claims, construction, and helping companies with tech solutions.  Now, he’s helping both policyholders and public adjusters with their claims handling.



  • Tobias’ experience of running a food truck and how it was a passion of his but quickly became a job and lost much of its original joy
  • Brelly: A platform designed to help people get their insurance claims paid fast, fairly, and fully
  • His aim to add transparency to the insurance claim space
  • The importance of consistent client communication in order to mitigate potential issues and ensure client satisfaction
  • Using Brelly to deliver a system that understands the specifics of the insurance claim, removing the pressure from users and streamlining the process
  • How his AI assistant can help team members, particularly new adjusters
  • What it means for Tobias to level up

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