Helping People Live with More Courage, Passion, Inspiration and Meaning with Patrick Combs - Episode 31

Helping People Live with More Courage, Passion, Inspiration and Meaning with Patrick Combs – Episode 31

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July 19, 2023

Episode Description

In this podcast episode, Patrick Combs, an inspirational speaker and author, takes us through his journey from motivational speaking to comedy and the role of failure in his success. He shares his professional experiences with hotel chains and stresses the need for mindfulness to boost job performance. He also further recounts a significant life episode where he helped deliver a baby, highlighting the importance of compassion and humanity.

Who’s the Guest?
Patrick has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people around the globe for 25 years. He’s a top rated, widely known motivational speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business.

He’s spoken for almost 2,000 organizations, and applied his talents everywhere from talks at Stanford and Hilton, performances at the HBO comedy festival, to helping build a school in Kenya and coaching prisoners at the Donovan Correctional Institute. Patrick is known by many companies and organizations as “The best speaker we’ve ever had,” and by many theater-goers as a “Master storyteller” and a “Hilarious Performer.”


  • Patrick shares his journey from an inspirational speaker to becoming a comedian, and his strategy of learning from failures
  • Challenges and rewards in doing a one-person theater show and getting it recognized
  • The major hindrance to peak performance: The thoughts and self-doubts that crowd our minds.
  • How identifying and controlling the negative voice in one’s head can lead to a peak mental state and improved performance
  • How one’s performance and intelligence could improve if they could quieten this negative internal voice
  • The impact of reducing the dominance of the negative internal voice on one’s personal and professional life based on his personal experiences
  • A simple and powerful technique used by the marines for grounding themselves in the present moment and dealing with stress and distractions

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