Never Lose an Employee Again – Episode 32

Level Up Claims
July 19, 2023

Episode Description

This podcast episode features an interview with Joey Coleman, an expert on employee and customer retention. Together with Galen, Joey explores strategies to enhance the employee experience and mirrors this to the customer’s journey. An eight-phase model is discussed, which emphasizes treating employees remarkably, leading them to offer exceptional customer service. The episode announces Joey Coleman as a speaker at the Level Up Claims Summit in 2024 and emphasizes the importance of growth and lifelong learning.
Who’s the Guest?
Joey Coleman is the creator of The First 100 Days – a system that is designed to dramatically increase your customer retention and as a result, your bottom line. Joey is a recognized expert in customer experience design and is an award-winning speaker at both national and international conferences.


  • Joey introduces his new book ‘Never Lose an Employee Again’ and discusses the struggles employers face in finding, hiring, and retaining good employees
  • Joey’s unique methodology consisting of eight phases
  • Client experience and employee experience is not sales but an authentic process of recruiting and retaining talent
  • How to use video tributes for job offers to emotionally connect with their candidates, make them feel valued and maintain a positive employee experience
  • The importance of making employees feel loved and appreciated, asserting that happier employees will genuinely represent and champion a company
  • The value in considering the employee’s loved ones when giving gifts
  • How for leaving a job often has nothing to do with the employer

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