Episode 34

Future of Work with Cheryl Cran – Episode 34

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August 2, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair and Cheryl Cran, discussed the future of work, recruitment challenges, and leadership strategies. The conversation emphasized the need for businesses to align with technological advances such as AI and face recruitment challenges head-on by fostering a culture of growth, teamwork, and reward. They highlighted the importance of communication and explored the idea of adopting a ‘start-up’ approach, such as considering freelancers or contract work. They also discussed ways to augment employee productivity during remote work, combat “quiet quitting,” and navigate the ethical implications of AI replacing human jobs.

Who’s the Guest?
Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™/NextMapping.com, creator of the NextNow podcast and the CEO of parent company Synthesis at Work Inc. Named #1 Future of Work influencer by Onalytica, and in the top ten future of work experts by GoCatalant. She is on the Fast Company Magazine Executive Board and a faculty member of ExecOnline. Cheryl is the author of 10 books including her newest, Super.Crucial.Human and her bestsellers, “NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work” and “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced-World”.


  • Cheryl discusses the issues of attracting and retaining key staff.
  • The need for a reevaluation of work processes, such as how work is distributed and how automation and AI can be leveraged better.
  • The explosion of freelance and contract work post-COVID.
  • Cheryl urges business leaders to think like a start-up and question if they would have the current jobs in their business if they were starting it from scratch.
  • The concept of paying employees well and treating them like entrepreneurs is discussed.
  • Younger generations are diversifying their income, taking on multiple jobs simultaneously to secure their revenue.
  • The way to stop quiet quitting is through consistent one-on-one meetings and coaching, helping to identify early signs of disengagement.
  • The ethics behind AI usage are brought up, especially when it comes to content creation and the question of replacing human effort with AI applications.

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