The Importance of Processes in a Public Adjusting Firm with Lynette Young - Episode 43

The State and Future of Appraisals with George Keys – Episode 44

Level Up Claims
October 11, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair interviews veteran appraiser George Keys. George discusses concerns about a growing trend of insurance carriers directly instructing appraisers. He highlights the importance of appraisers maintaining independence and objectivity in their evaluations. The conversation also touches on the need for attorneys to be transparent and independent in their interactions with appraisers and clients.

Who’s the Guest?

George W. Keys, SPPA is the President of Keys Claims Consultants, LLC. Mr. Keys has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Almeda University. He has over 40 years in the claims profession. He began his career with Commercial Union Insurance Company where he worked his way to a Property General Adjuster and Catastrophe Coordinator. In 1993, he became a Public Adjuster. He holds the highest designation obtainable by exam (SPPA) from the National Association of Public Adjusters. He belongs to several Associations, including the Windstorm Insurance Network and The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA).



  • The importance and benefits of appraisal in claims handling.
  • Debate on the credibility and veracity of experts in the industry.
  • Changes in the appraisal arena in Florida, particularly with changes in legislation.
  • What young appraisers should avoid doing.
  • The topic of whether other appraisers are influenced by law firms is brought up.
  • Experience sharing of dealing with requests for access to communications with appraisers from opposing councils when there is an active lawsuit.


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