Unveiling the Secrets of Product and Service Success in the Crowded Marketplace with David Fradin - Episode 62

Unveiling the Secrets of Product and Service Success in the Crowded Marketplace with David Fradin – Episode 62

Level Up Claims
February 14, 2024

Episode Description

In this podcast episode, host Galen Hair interviews David Fradin, a seasoned consultant, trainer, and educator with over 50 years of experience in the technology and business sector. David began his career in aerospace engineering, his entrepreneurial activities, and participation in political campaigns highlighting his mediation and negotiation skills. He was recruited by Apple for his unique skill set, becoming instrumental in bringing the first hard disk drive for personal computers to market. David shares insights about his experiences at Apple, the strategic challenges faced, and his interactions with Steve Jobs.

As the author of the book “Organizing and Managing Insanely Great Products,” he emphasizes the importance of understanding the five keys to product or service success, starting with a solid strategy. He exemplifies this with potential scenarios in the roofing industry, breaking it down into different market segments and understanding customer needs.

Who’s the Guest?
David Fradin is a Product Success Manager at Spice Catalyst, a consulting and training firm that helps organizations build, market, and launch successful products and services. He is also a Distinguished Professor of Practice and Advisor at Manipal University, where he teaches online courses on product management and marketing. He is a certified flight instructor and a commercial pilot with an instrument rating and has a passion for aviation and education.

With over 50 years of experience in the technology industry, David has trained thousands of managers worldwide and has worked as a product leader at companies like Apple and HP. He has authored several books on product success, innovation, and design and has contributed to multiple publications and podcasts. He is on a mission to share his insights and best practices with aspiring and experienced product professionals and to help them build insanely great products and services that delight customers and create value.


  • His move to Apple and his initial roles in the company, specifically bringing to market the first hard disk drive on a personal computer
  • How he maneuvered Steve Jobs’ plans to eliminate the Apple III
  • The effectiveness of using stickers to promote the Apple III during a sales meeting, and the resulting conflict with Steve Jobs.
  • The importance of management in product success
  • The five keys to product or service success and the importance of an understanding of market strategy and segmentation
  • Corporate values and their direct impact on a company’s longevity
  • The corporate scandal at Volkswagen and the implications of failing to uphold corporate values
  • What ‘leveling up’ means to David, including honesty, self-integrity, care for others, and the planet

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