Navigating the Insurance Claims Process with Mary K. Taliancich – Episode 65

Level Up Claims
March 6, 2024

Episode Description

Attorney Mary K. Taliancich, from Insurance Claim HQ, appeared on the Level Up Claims Podcast to discuss her professional journey and her passion for helping individuals recover from property and casualty losses. Originally interested in domestic violence law, she found fulfillment in property and casualty law as it was less emotionally taxing. Mary emphasizes the importance of understanding clients’ cases thoroughly, having compassion and staying organized. She highlights the significance of discovery and the need for thorough investigation in litigation. Pushing boundaries, hard work, and understanding the full context of a claim were encouraged. Mary also stressed the importance of maintaining client relationships and sharing expertise with fellow professionals.

Who’s the Guest?
Mary K. Taliancich was born and raised in Buras, Louisiana. She joined the Hair Shunnarah family as a law clerk in 2019 before becoming a full-time attorney with the firm in 2020. Prior to that, Mary served as a law clerk with the Plaquemines Parish District Attorney’s Office.

Mary graduated from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law with a Certificate in Civil Law. During law school, she served as a Loyola Maritime Journal associate. Prior to law school, Mary attended Ursuline Academy in New Orleans and then graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she earned a degree in Business Administration.


  • Mary’s previous career aspirations in domestic violence and her decision to divert from this path
  • How she identifies missing pieces in a case and the subsequent steps taken to retrieve them
  • Different approaches to conducting depositions and the standard deposition process
  • The importance of client communication
  • The necessity for clear and defensible justification for claims made in estimates

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