Embracing Technology to Enhance Business Operations with Justin Seymour - Episode 38

Embracing Technology to Enhance Business Operations with Justin Seymour – Episode 38

Level Up Claims
August 30, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with Justin Seymour, Business Intelligence Manager for Avicado Construction Technology Services, discussing innovations within the business and construction sectors. Justin highlighted advancements in computer vision that assist in monitoring construction projects and detecting defects. He emphasized the importance of intercommunication between different technologies, recommending Microsoft’s Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Automate as effective data tracking systems. Justin also encouraged businesses to leverage these data-driven tools and recommended employing a tech professional to facilitate the process.

Who’s the Guest?

Justin Seymour is a construction expert with 15+ years of jobsite/engineering experience all around the world. Passion for construction innovation and strategies to improve productivity. Builder who loves solving construction problems with technology. Works best in fast-paced cultures not afraid of hard truths and making data driven decisions. Empathy and understanding of product management stakeholders. Experience from laborer, to software developer, to company president.


  • Justin’s journey from the construction industry to technology
  • How his self-created tech platform helped him to secure a software developer job upon his return to the US
  • His experience with COVID-19 in Indonesia
  • The lengthy process of his first insurance claim due to a lack of clear data
  • How safekeeping of data separate from the physical assets they pertain to
  • The promising future of tech in construction, particularly in relation to project management information systems (PMIS) and machine learning
  • The step-by-step process of companies becoming data- driven
  • COVID as the catalyst for rapid technology adoption and growth
  • The benefits of beta testing new technologies and how incorporating them can transform businesses dramatically
  • The practicality of using already available Microsoft tools

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