The Immunity to Change Process with Dr. Robert Kegan - Episode 40

The Immunity to Change Process with Dr. Robert Kegan – Episode 40

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September 13, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with psychologist Dr. Robert Kegan about the process of ‘immunity to change’ and how limiting beliefs hinder meaningful transformation. Kegan uses the example of unsuccessful dieting to underline the importance of shifting mindsets, not just behaviors. He illustrates common leadership issues in initiating change, like arrogance or insecurity, and how these can lead to employee attrition. He advises that those who persist through uncomfortable personal growth phases will ultimately enjoy substantial personal and professional advancements.

Who’s the Guest?
Dr. Robert Kegan is a professor at Harvard University and a world-renowned contributor to the field of development and transformation. He’s a recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards and has over forty years of research, teaching, writing, and professional practice that influenced leadership development, executive coaching, and culture-change management across the globe.



  • The turning point in Dr. Kegan’s research was recognizing that change challenges related to individuals’ underlying mindset, not just specific skills or behavior.
  • Dr. Kegan identifies a dichotomy that exists: people who are overly kind or overly concerned about how others think of them, and people who are too hard on their teams.
  • Younger generations like millennials, see learning as a lifelong process rather than a phase of life.
  • There is a difference between presenting change to people who are open and prepared for it as opposed to those who aren’t.
  • Your destiny is to become a bigger and better version of yourself.

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