Social Media, Networking, and Mental Health Awareness with Tj McCormack – Episode 46

Level Up Claims
October 25, 2023

Episode Description

TJ McCormack talks about his role as community manager at Roofr, a tech solution for the roofing industry, in this episode of the Level Up Claims podcast. He discusses his successful social media strategy, which involves open discussions about mental health, including his own struggles with PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders. TJ also talks about his work with Euroshield rubber roofing, a product made from 95% recycled commercial tires, highlighting how it can help businesses conserve money and protect the environment.

Who’s the Guest?

TJ McCormack is a Community Manager, Roofr; Roofing Hall of Fame Inductee; Keynote Speaker; Most Innovative Award Winner 2023; Founder of Worlds Greatest Roofer – Roofing Content Creator with more than 400 thousand followers.


  • The potential positive influence Roofr could have on the industry despite challenges
  • The struggles of representing large insurance companies and their practices
  • How he got diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder due to stress and ignored his mental health for a long time
  • The positive impact on his social media growth substantiated by being open about his mental health journey
  • The potential benefits of using renewable solutions like Euroshield for homeowners and the environment
  • TJ McCormick’s personal take on ‘leveling up’, stressing on personal growth, betterment, and long-term planning


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