Building Stronger Relationships With Contractors And Public Adjusters with Jared Shearman – Episode 69

Level Up Claims
April 3, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with Jared Shearman about the importance of developing strong relationships between public adjusters, contractors, and attorneys, advocating for continuous and meaningful communication. Jared shares his experience and approach to his role as a property casualty attorney, emphasizing preparation, dedication, and maintaining constant client communication. Seeking professional help is pitched not as a failure, but as necessary for preventing legal issues and improving outcomes.



  • Why Jared has become a lawyer and his career path
  • How his experiences as a prosecutor have influenced his approach to cases today
  • The challenges that prevent service providers from effectively serving their clients
  • The idea of contractors hiring a lawyer to create a standard proof of loss package and contract
  • Why property owners should seek the help of a lawyer once they realize they have a claim
  • The skepticism from insurance companies when a claim is called in by a contractor rather than the insured
  • Who should file the claim? The insured or someone who is an extension of them?

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