Building Systems To Scale with Raul Hernandez Ochoa – Episode 14

Level Up Claims
March 15, 2023

Episode Description

For business owners who are looking for strategies on how you can build, strategize, and implement KPIs to your team, this episode of the Level Up Claims podcast is for you! Raul Hernandez Ochoa, a Digital Growth Operator and Strategist, talks about the framework and strategies that helped him scale companies, increase revenues, and run different remote teams. Raul unveils what his process is in building criteria and KPIs that can be implemented in operating a business and a team to increase sales and acceleration. He also explains how productive profits is a three-stage cycle, which involves gaining clarity on goals, building evergreen infrastructures, and synchronizing with teams and oneself to reach the next level.

Who’s The Guest?

Raul Hernandez Ochoa is a Digital Growth Operator and Strategist that helps digital bootstrapped business owners reach their impact & revenue goals. His frameworks have helped scale multiple multi-million dollar companies, 2-5x’d revenues and have run teams sizes ranging from 5 to over 60. Raul has led strategy for multiple digital teams across the globe in 12+ different time zones helping generate millions in revenue online. He has also overseen over $25M (and counting) in digital marketing ad spends and has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs through live seminars, online programs, and private masterminds.


  • Hear about Raul Hernandez Ochoa’s journey and what strategies he followed to grow his business
  • Understand what criteria and KPIs can be implemented in operating a remote team
  • Discover how to create a culture of ownership and empower your team to reach your goals
  • Learn from Raul on how he formulated and established different KPIs and OKPIs to increase sales and acceleration
  • Find out what business owners should just stop what they’re doing and go do now

Episode Resources

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