The Secret to Approach Effective Training with Jef McCurdy - Episode 70

The Secret to Approach Effective Training with Jef McCurdy – Episode 70

Level Up Claims
April 10, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with Jef McCurdy, the national training manager for Castagra, a roofing company. McCurdy shares insights about the launch of a new product, discusses Ecodor, an eco-friendly roof coating, and introduces Ecodor One, a reflective roof product. He further explains the process of becoming a certified applicator for Castagra products. This involves attending a 3-4 hour monthly Zoom class covering a range of topics. Applicators must provide proof of insurance and successfully complete a project using a Castagra product. McCurdy highlights the importance of investing in training programs for improved profitability and employee retention.


  • Jef discusses the challenges he’s currently facing in launching a new product
  • Further, discuss the uniqueness of Ecuador roof coating and how it offers a solution to various customer needs.
  • Description of Ecuador as a roof coating made primarily of castor oil and gypsum. It’s also waterproof yet allows for vapor transfer, eliminating the risk of humidity issues within buildings
  • Description of the new product, Echador One, which features VOC-free, environmentally friendly materials
  • Discussion of California’s environmental regulations, how they tend to influence other states, and the benefits of cool, reflective roofs.
  • Further explanation of the certification process, with a strong emphasis on prior experience and the importance of adhering to industry regulations
  • Discussion on how to design a successful training program, from identifying the pain points and utilizing free online resources to the importance hands-on experience
  • Talk on the reason why the best companies invest in training, leading to better employee retention and profitability. Jeff also highlights the current labor shortage problem in the roofing industry.

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