Contractors and Their Role in Trial with Madison Pitre - Episode 78

Contractors and Their Role in Trial with Madison Pitre – Episode 78

Level Up Claims
June 5, 2024

Episode Description

In this episode of The Level Up Claims Podcast, host Galen Hair talks with Madison Pitre, a trial attorney from Insurance Claim HQ. They dive into the art and rigor of presenting cases in trial, sharing valuable insights for contractors and public adjusters. Madison stresses the importance of documentation, sincerity in claims, and effective trial preparation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the insurance or legal field seeking to understand the intricate dynamics of trial proceedings. Don’t miss Madison’s winning strategies and tips for leveling up your claims game.


  • Madison discusses his upbringing in Louisiana.
  • Transition from law school to law practice.
  • Experience in various legal fields before property casualty.
  • The significance of sincerity in jury testimony.
  • Importance of thorough depositions for trial success.
  • Strategies to present a clear case to the jury.
  • Adjusting trial planning based on jury comprehension.
  • The frenetic nature of trials and thinking on your feet.
  • Emphasis on visuals and effective presentation at trial.
  • Necessity of proper documentation and record-keeping.
  • Public adjusters’ approach to accurate and reasonable estimates.
  • Madison’s concept of “leveling up” and maximizing personal output.

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