How to Work with Insurance Companies During Roofing Claims with Tyler Slade – Episode 19

Level Up Claims
April 19, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode, Galen and Tyler Slade of Slade Roofing discuss challenges in the property casualty insurance industry, including insurance fraud and customer service. Slade Roofing emphasizes clear communication and exceptional customer service to minimize misunderstandings and fraud. The major challenges faced in the industry involve hiring qualified employees and maintaining open communication between contractors, agents, and clients. The episode underscores the importance of integrity, transparency, and relationship-building in both insurance and construction sectors.

Who’s The Guest?
Slade Roofing began when Tyler Slade, an insurance agency owner, became frustrated with contractors taking advantage of clients, taking clients into filing claims that they never should have filed, failing to show up on time, billing for more than they contracted, and taking longer on jobs than they estimated. The list of frustrations could go on. There had to be a better way. He reflected on his own experience as a roofer. It would be much better if the contractors were professional, understood the mechanics of insurance policies, and communicated effectively. Slade Roofing was born. Our philosophy is “Under-promise, over-deliver.” We replaced the “con” in construction with professionalism. You are going to love Slade Roofing.


  • Guest Tyler Slade talks about his journey from roofing to insurance.
  • Tyler continues to own an insurance agency alongside Slade Roofing, focusing on customer service and understanding insurance.
  • Putting the right documents and contracts into place to protect contractors from being unpaid.
  • Origins of Slade Roofing.
  • Tyler offers advice on when not to file an insurance claim.
    Insurance fraud experiences in the industry.
  • Tyler’s approach to vetting customers and avoiding insurance fraud.
  • Discussion on creating a better environment for insurance claims and homeowners.
  • Slade Roofing’s focus on customer service and creating a five-star experience for clients.
  • Setting expectations for clients to ensure a smooth process during roofing installations.
  • Struggles with EagleView and insurance claims.
  • Refusal to share EagleView in a claim dispute.
  • Discussing the uncertainties in filing insurance claims.
  • How an agent can help resolve disputes between adjusters and contractors.
  • The biggest challenge in the industry and attempts to overcome it.

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