Creating a Process Driven Method Efficient and Effective with Cole Kline – Episode 49

Level Up Claims
November 15, 2023

Episode Description

The podcast conversation between Galen Hair and Cole Kline explores Cole’s journey from contractor to president of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA). Cole shares the importance of implementing processes for business growth, influenced by “The Four Hour Workweek”, which allowed his company to operate in 27 states. He also shares his experience with AAPIA, which began dismissively, but became appreciative as he saw how such associations can affect policy changes, benefitting public adjusters nationwide.

Who’s the Guest?
Cole Kline is the Owner of Hope Public Adjusters, President of the American Association of Public Adjusters and Founder of the Public Adjuster Business Systems. Founded in 2004, the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) is dedicated to promoting the highest ethical and professional standards among public adjusters, providing education and resources to support their work, and advocating for fair and just settlements for insureds.


  • The importance of having a good team and building processes within a business.
  • How having a stable team and processes helped Cole take his paternity leave without worrying about business operations
  • The importance of being part of an association like AAPIA and the impact of membership contributions
  • The impact of national model acts and the importance of participating in these processes
  • How changes in one state’s legislation can impact other states, like the fee cap adopted in Florida
  • Importance of a national association in observing and addressing issues before they escalate
  • Philosophy of association memberships: More benefits yielded with more involvement and work
  • Advocacy for membership even if one is busy, the benefits of networking, staying aware of nationwide changes, and contributing to industry-wide efforts
  • The value of memberships even if contribution is minimal and awareness of legislative changes
  • The benefits of membership funds in furthering legislative efforts and achieving clarity
  • How you can join AAPIA

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