When Your Career Goals Take A Detour Balancing Work And Life with Jef McCurdy - Episode 59

When Your Career Goals Take A Detour: Balancing Work And Life with Jef McCurdy – Episode 59

Level Up Claims
January 24, 2024

Episode Description

Jef McCurdy, a veteran in the roofing industry and National Training Manager for Castagra, shares his journey of balancing personal life and career after adopting his nine-year-old niece. He illustrates how he received support from his colleagues and pitched his efforts towards making his daughter comfortable in their family and his work environment. A strong advocate for prioritizing family over work, Jef promotes spending quality time with loved ones and teaching children the value of time over money. Despite his significant contributions to the industry, his decision to dedicate more time to his family led him to transition into a consulting role and establish a well-received training program for Castagra.

Who’s the Guest?
Jef McCurdy is the National Training Manager at Castagra Products, Inc., and he is involved in the roof coatings industry. He is dedicated to elevating the roof coatings industry through product development and training. He is a roof coatings expert and the founder of CooRooCo (Cool Roof Coatings Consulting)].  Jef is associated with Copa Coatings Co, which is a premier seller of Castagra’s Ecodur 201R, a eco-plastic polymer formulated for the roofing industry.


  • Jef’s early introduction to the roofing industry, growing up in a family of roofers and his rise through various roles in the sector
  • Transition to sustainable roofing products without necessarily reducing the quality
  • The value of quality over quantity in attracting potential clients
  • Jef’s role as National Training Manager at Castagra, a provider of eco-friendly roof coating
  • His adoption journey and his commitment to creating a better work-life balance
  • His personal experience with adoption and how his colleagues at San Diego Roofing were supportive during his adjustment period
  • Why there should be a balance between work and family time
  • What it means for Jef to level up

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