Becoming a Great Leader with Juan Alvarado - Episode 61

Becoming a Great Leader with Juan Alvarado – Episode 61

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February 7, 2024

Episode Description

In this podcast episode, leadership coach Juan Alvarado shares his journey from military service to leadership coaching. He discusses his desire to serve others which started with younger generations and extended to aid professionals at all levels. Alvarado critiques conference culture and aims to provide practical, actionable strategies in his sessions. Alvarado focuses on small, dedicated audiences and measures his success by challenging leaders to refine their practices. He introduced his Blueprint to Leadership program as a way to reach more people. Juan emphasizes the importance of authenticity in communication, understanding one’s role as a leader, and the continuous cycle of growth. He is highly regarded for the generous donation of his time, leading to remarkable results in his coaching.

Who’s the Guest?
As an expert in Leadership and a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Juan is a widely regarded United States Army War Vet who has trained teams of tens of thousands of soldiers in high-stakes situations.  He has helped School Districts increase team efficiency and strengthen communication which resulted in happier and more appreciated employees.

He helps individual leaders and their teams overcome complacency, and prevent burnout in the workplace. His “Blueprint to Leadership” Course has created more confidence and respect in personnel who carry supervisory and management roles. Being featured on FOX, NBC, and CBS has helped Juan lead the charge in creating Strength-Based leaders, and teams, giving rise to the culture at work for over 1500 School Administrators.


  • Juan’s 20-year leadership journey starting with a decade-long stint in the army
  • The need for leaders to have a higher level of knowledge and the impact of such leadership on the overall growth of the individual and organization
  • Issues with promoting someone based purely on tenure rather than competence
  • Juan’s definition of success, which involves challenging the status quo and enabling people to think differently and set tangible steps towards their goals
  • His strategy to share as much helpful information as possible during conferences and working with individuals who question the status quo
  • Lack of intentionality as the primary cause of companies falling out of alignment
  • The crucial role of intentionality in improving results and relationships in various aspects of day-to-day life
  • The importance of knowing your goals and being present while engaging with your team members

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