The Importance of Processes in a Public Adjusting Firm with Lynette Young - Episode 43

The Importance of Processes in a Public Adjusting Firm with Lynette Young – Episode 43

Level Up Claims
October 4, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks with Lynette Young, co-founder of Claim Wizard, who discusses her transition from New Jersey to Texas, and how her business, originally aimed at building custom software for public adjusting firms, developed into Claim Wizard. The platform assists various-sized businesses to streamline their procedures and remains affordable and ethical. In the interview, Lynette emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and the necessary balance between the art and science of public adjusting. She also offers valuable advice including having a clear process in place, working to detach oneself from the company, and hiring before it’s too late.

Who’s the Guest?
Lynette Young, ClaimWizard’s Co-Founder & Sorceress of Alchemy. She is a Certified Business Advisor and has over 25 years experience of designing and mentoring profitable and well-run small businesses and franchises. She is a proven process and technology strategist with focus on workflow efficiencies and scalability.

Over her professional career, Lynette has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from Google, Twitter, Harlequin Publishing, and American Airlines to HVAC installers, electricians, local appliance retailers, franchises, and now exclusively public adjusting firms.
Lynette is a Co-Owner and heads up the ClaimWizard RevOps team.



  • Lynette shares about her background and journey from New Jersey to Texas.
  • The different methods of adjusting claims in various regions and how that affects client habits.
  • Explanation of how Lynette’s consulting helps businesses run more efficiently.
  • The common mistake of outsourcing sales first rather than operations when a public adjuster business begins to grow.
  • Three things to watch out for when starting a public adjusting firm: Having a process, setting up the firm to operate outside of the founder’s involvement, and hiring sooner than needed.
  • The danger of buying oneself a job when starting a small business.
  • The potential damage of rushing the claims process.
  • The concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS) is introduced as a measure of customer satisfaction and a method of improving marketing efficiency.


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