Level Up Claims Summit 2024 - Episode 66

Level Up Claims Summit 2024 – Episode 66

Level Up Claims
March 13, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair, the founding partner of Insurance Claim HQ, and Mary Taliancich discussed the upcoming 2024 Level Up Claim Summit. Galen stated that the summit was birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic and was initially intended to be an annual event. He expressed satisfaction that it is now in its third year, which he believes is the first real benchmark that they are creating an ongoing program.

The summit focuses on two specific areas: Providing content that increases efficiency and results for claims, and giving participants takeaways that can also benefit their businesses. The Level Up Claims Summit differentiates itself from other industry conferences by having a singular focus on advancing the work in claims handling and running businesses.



  • The third year of the Level Up Claim Summit
  • Feedback received about the Summit
  • The different aspects they want to focus on for the upcoming event
  • Question on how the Summit differs from other industry conferences
  • The Summit on broader business topics than just claims handling
  • Expansion of the Summit from one day to two days
  • The new permanent venue for the event: Creating a free space for public adjusters and contractors in the future
  • Sneak peeks into the upcoming Summit and what to expect as an attendee


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