Helping Leaders Become Public Speakers with Lily Patrascu - Episode 79

Helping Leaders Become Public Speakers with Lily Patrascu – Episode 79

Level Up Claims
June 12, 2024

Episode Description

In this episode of the Level Up Claims podcast, founder Galen Hair speaks with Lily Patrascu, a personal branding and public speaking expert, about using your brand to grow your business and enhance your visibility. Learn Lily’s journey from nanny to international speaker, and get insights on public speaking, book publishing, and building a compelling personal brand. Tune in to discover practical tips for business growth and the importance of presenting yourself effectively both online and offline. Perfect for anyone looking to level up their professional presence!


  • Importance of a personal brand.
  • Lily’s inspiring journey from nanny to director.
  • Developing confidence through publishing a book.
  • Transition from property management to international speaking.
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking.
  • Importance of consistent online image for public speakers.
  • The significance of practicing public speaking.
  • Strategy for organizing your own event.
  • Integrating personality into social media for better engagement.
  • Lily on edutainment: Combining education and entertainment.
  • Tips on book publishing: Starting with an outline.
  • Lily’s philosophy on beauty and personal growth.


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