Elevating Your Brand's Success with Chris Diroll - Episode 75

Elevating Your Brand’s Success with Chris Diroll – Episode 75

Level Up Claims
May 16, 2024

Episode Description

Join Galen Hair as he chats with Chris Diroll, a powerhouse in marketing & business strategy. From a $7K lemonade stand budget to a top firm, Diroll unpacks growth hacks for efficiency & effectiveness. Insightful & actionable—ideal for businesses keen to level up!


  • Transition from corporate to roofing business.
  • Valuable skills picked up from previous jobs.
  • Level Up Claims Summit announcement.
  • Process improvements in roofing business.
  • Speed to lead and revenue per employee metrics.
  • Accessible marketing advice for businesses.
  • What it means to “level up” for Chris Diroll.

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