How to Lead a Successful, Principled Roofing Company with Mike Fellman – Episode 47

Level Up Claims
November 1, 2023

Episode Description

Mike Fellman, president of Envision Roofing, shares his career journey in the roofing industry on the Level Up Claims Podcast. Starting in his family’s roofing business, he has held numerous roles and gathered vital industry insights before creating his own company. Envision Roofing shines due to its four special divisions and culture that values employees’ well-being. The company emphasizes comprehensive customer education, transparency, and satisfaction, proving successful in a competitive market. Mike believes in prioritizing customer experiences over sales for long-lasting business relationships.

Who’s the Guest?
Mike Fellman is a roofing industry veteran with a remarkable journey that began at the tender age of 10. Growing up with a father who owned his own roofing company for two decades, Mike was introduced to the world of roofing from a very young age, instilling in him a deep passion for the trade.

Mike’s professional journey took a significant turn when he spent seven years at GAF, North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer. He started in the technical division, where he honed his expertise by inspecting both residential and commercial roofing systems. This hands-on experience provided him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of roofing.



  • Mike’s experience of being in the roofing industry since he was only 10 years old
  • His 7 years of experience at GAF from technical division to sales and his decision to leave the manufacturer side and start his roofing company
  • The four different divisions of his company: Roofing, Solar, Remodelling, and Synthetic Turf
  • The belief in treating employees fairly and providing transparency
  • Strengthening partnerships as a key principle of the company and the importance of the constant reinforcement of relationships inside and outside the company
  • How they spend more time educating customers about their product recommendations, unlike other companies that simply ask about preferred colors
  • How they capture the homeowner’s perception by asking them about their preferences for things like how a professional roofing company should dress or what type of vehicle they would want them to show up in

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