The Mitigation and Assessment Industry with Chris Courville – Episode 26

Level Up Claims
June 7, 2023

Episode Description

Galen interviews Chris Courville, CEO of Interior Environmental Consulting (IEC). They discuss the importance of promptly addressing mold and water damage to minimize health risks and the growth of IEC. Chris highlights the significance of maintaining high industry standards, proper testing, certifications, and having a well-trained team for insurance claims. He believes that ethical business practices and effective communication are crucial for success in the industry.


  • Chris explains the reason behind his switch from working as a contractor to becoming a consultant.
  • Chris talks about the process of providing documentation for policyholders after a disaster.
  • The importance of assessing and mitigating damage quickly for health reasons and to minimize potential risks.
  • Chris discusses his busy schedule and the number of projects his company can handle at once.
  • The importance of considering the health aspect over the policy aspect and outlines the importance of mold testing.
  • Chris talks about getting to know the story of the policyholders he works with.
  • The growth and team-building process of IEC is discussed.
  • The importance of documentation in fire losses and how to properly test for carcinogens are explained.
  • Chris highlights the importance of proper PPE, certification, and third-party lab testing.

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