From Insurance Defense to Working for Policyholders with Jason Manten – Episode 45

Level Up Claims
October 18, 2023

Episode Description

Galen Hair interviews Jason Manten, an attorney with Insurance Claim HQ, who shares his insights on the insurance claims process based on his experiences on both sides of the defense and plaintiff spectrum. Manten previously worked in-house for insurance companies, which gives him a unique understanding of their delay tactics.

Who’s the Guest?

Jason Manten began his career in construction defect litigation, focusing on defending developers, product manufactures, general contractors, design professionals, environmental consultations, and subcontractors. These representations included construction and design defect disputes, construction payment disputes, and catastrophic construction accidents. Mr. Manten then moved in-house with Florida’s largest homeowners insurance carrier, specializing in insurance defense. During this time, Mr. Manten learned how insurance companies operate, including their litigation strategies and how they evaluate claims. He now pursues claims on behalf of the insureds and helps policyholders navigate the complex legal issues involved in presenting and litigating against insurance companies, helping insureds recover what is owed to them.



  • Jason talks about his journey into law and his initial jobs in eDiscovery and litigation.
  • The struggles of representing large insurance companies and their practices.
  • Jason shares his experience in adjusting claims while working in-house.
  • Common tactics of insurance carriers to delay payouts on claims.
  • Conversation about the aftermath of Hurricane Ian and implementing an overhaul package in Florida.
  • The tactics deployed by insurance companies concerning claim estimates.
  • The interrelation between mortgages, insurance and the housing market.
  • His prediction about the future of the legislation in Florida.
  • The implications of removing one way attorney fees for insurance claim cases.
  • Pointing out possible upcoming issues due to benefits given to carriers.
  • Bringing up an example of unfair treatment of policyholders by insurance carriers.


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