What Does It Mean to You to Level Up? – Episode 22

Level Up Claims
May 10, 2023

Episode Description

Throughout the episode, various guests share their thoughts on what it means to level up. Some of these insights include embracing a constant effort to grow, learning from new experiences, redefining success, listening to one’s intuition, consistently improving oneself, and taking care of all areas of one’s life.


  • The importance of preparation, performance, and learning from experiences in leveling up
  • The need for continuous growth, learning, and trying new experiences
  • Definition of success: Focusing on time as the new wealth and reallocating priorities
  • Listening to intuition and creating time for self-improvement and personal growth
  • Going to war every day, starting with a routine and learning something new each day
  • How to level up by adding new skills and learning from each business venture
  • The importance of a holistic approach to leveling up, focusing on different areas of life
  • Having a commitment to constant learning, reading, and strengthening industry knowledge
  • Helping others level up and taking on a social responsibility
  • Not being afraid of challenges and learning from new experiences, avoiding regret later in life
  • Leveling up by partnering with customers and helping them reach their goals

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