Carving Out a Path In The Roofing Industry with Integrity with Dimitry Lipinskiy – Episode 58

Level Up Claims
January 17, 2024

Episode Description

Dimitry Lipinskiy discusses his rise from a trade worker in Siberia to an influential figure in the U.S. roofing industry. Driven by hard work, ambition, and the dedication to offer valuable content, Dimitry has created a reputable brand and a popular YouTube channel where he exposes immoral practices in the industry. He shares the concept behind his creation of the Roofing School and his approach to dealing with conflicts within the industry. Dimitry also delves into his several business ventures, including an underlayment business in China, and his main focus – a screened contractors directory aiming to compete with large firms like Angie Tomtack, which he anticipates to be his billion-dollar project.

Who’s the Guest?
Dimitry Lipinskiy is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and host of the most influential YouTube channel in the roofing industry. Over the last 15 years, he has founded and sold several multi-million dollar companies, and in 2020, he formally launched his media company Roofing Insights. As an established business leader and consumer advocate, Dimitry produces podcasts and videos featuring the biggest names in roofing and remodeling.

His online Roofing Insight’s Business School educates hundreds of people every year, and for the last 5 years he has led the Roofing Process Conference, one of the most esteemed gatherings in the industry. His latest venture Directorii is a digital platform connecting contractors and homeowners. Having immigrated from Siberia, Russia as a young adult, he is a true testament of the American Dream.


  • The competitiveness and challenges of the roofing business
  • How perfect the roofing business is as a side gig
  • How Dimitry started his YouTube channel
  • Dimitry as the Robin Hood of the industry, being dedicated to exposing malpractices in the industry even though it put a target on his back
  • How the Roofing School was born due to the demand for education and training in the roofing industry
  • Conducting fair interviews even when he personally doesn’t agree with the interviewee, maintaining the integrity of his platform
  • His perspective on “leveling up” and becoming a better version of oneself which he is striving for, in various aspects of life

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