The power of Facebook advertising for Roofers with Adam Sand - Episode 67

The power of Facebook advertising for Roofers with Adam Sand – Episode 67

Level Up Claims
March 20, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair talks to entrepreneur Adam Sand about effective marketing strategies for business growth. Adam emphasizes the importance of committing to a well-thought-out marketing strategy and advises against trying different tactics without a clear plan. He highlights the need for businesses to hire the right marketing agency and invest adequate resources. He describes how his firm, Roofing Business Partners, helps businesses streamline their processes using practical operational frameworks.


  • Adam Sand’s background and how he used successful Facebook advertising to grow his roofing business
  • How the game of social media marketing has changed significantly as platforms have reached critical mass and offering free value has become more expensive
  • His recommendations for first-time marketers
  • How he teaches his clients enough to be “dangerous”, pushing the importance of entrepreneurs’ understanding marketing efforts themselves and not relying solely on hired marketers
  • Transitions towards ‘roofing business partner’
  • Developing technology infrastructure for businesses
  • The theory of constraints and how businesses often hamper their own growth by identifying and breaking their own constraints
  • His business growth method: Identify constraints, do more of what works, find how to do it better, and then add new elements

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